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Continued strong development 2020


For the full year 2020, Knowit increases both its net sales and its profit, with a slightly improved margin, despite the impact that covid-19 has had on both society as a whole and on Knowit. The EBITA profit increased by 4.9 percent to SEK 335.0 (319.2) million and net sales increased to SEK 3,379.1 (3,335.1) million. The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 7.00 per share.

All three of Knowit’s business areas have developed well during the year. Solutions has had a strong year, Experience has shown high efficiency with a good outcome, and Insight has worked its way back to a positive development. The acquisition of Creuna during the fourth quarter also further reinforces Knowit’s position on the market.

“It is the seventh year in a row that we improve our profit compared with the year before. We have shown that we have the ability to quickly adapt our operations and to keep up client deliveries from a distance,” says Per Wallentin, CEO and president.

Solutions had higher net sales and profit during the fourth quarter than during the corresponding quarter last year. The Swedish operations have had a particularly strong growth, with improved profit and margin.

Knowit Experience has, in particular during the fourth quarter, increased its net sales, profit, and margin. The integration with Creuna has been performed at a high pace and several of the expected synergies are already in place.

“Creuna has already added business value in the form of joint deals and new collaborations,” says Per Wallentin.

“In our smallest business area Insight, we have a continued positive development. In the fourth quarter, net sales were at the same level as last year, and both profit and margin increased significantly. The investments into specialist areas, in particular security, contributed strongly to this turnaround,” says Per Wallentin.

For detailed information on the results for the fourth quarter, please see the year-end report available on Knowit's website.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications