Principles and remuneration to senior executives

Remuneration to the President and other senior executives is made up of a base salary, variable remuneration, other benefits and pensions.

The Chairman negotiates the President’s terms of employment, which are set by the Remuneration Committee.

The President negotiates the terms of employment of other senior executives, and the variable remuneration is approved by the Remuneration Committee.


The pension premium for the President and other senior executives, is set at a maximum of 35 percent of base salary, however always the maximum tax-deductible sum.

The President of the Parent Company, Per Wallentin, receives a base compensation of SEK 6,570,000 (6,384,000) and a variable benefit of SEK 2,760,000 (105,000), based on Group results and operating margin. 

Health insurance and pension premiums during the year amounted to SEK 2 613,000 (2,387,000). Other benefits amounted to SEK 93,000 (73,000).

Share-related incentive programs

There are currently no share-related incentive programs at Knowit.

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