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The next generation of infotainment systems for the car industry


One of the largest car manufacturers on the market was ready to take the next step in development and meet its customers’ needs by giving them the possibility of personalizing the in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems in their cars. As part of the assignment, Knowit has developed the overall Bluetooth solution for the new IVI system based on its in-house software BlueGo, as well as developing and delivering the application for the manufacturer’s Bluetooth-based telephony solution.

Infotainmentsystem i en bil.

The infotainment system gives you instant updates

Through the infotainment system in your car, you get live updates on the traffic situation, suggestions on the best route to your workplace, and tips on where you can find an empty parking space.

The system also recognizes your favorite music, who you usually call at a certain time of day, and can tell you where you parked the car in case you forget. In addition, you can create a highly personalized infotainment system, adapted for your particular needs.

The assignment: Help us offer the best infotainment system on the market

The car industry is undergoing major changes in the supply chain of software-based functionality as regards delivery and development, while the demands on quality processes and IT security of various forms are growing.

In order to offer the market the best possible functionality connected to the infotainment system, while delivering quality and security of the highest standard, the client needed to take a major technological step and develop a number of different functions, such as Bluetooth and telephony.

Mobile connecting to the infotainment system

The implementation of blueGO has improved the Bluetooth solution

The project of developing and devising a new infotainment system started in 2020 and continues to this day, involving a large number of subcontractors. Knowit’s team got a two-part assignment. One of the tasks was to license our in-house software, blueGo, for use as the overall Bluetooth solution in the new IVI system. The other task was delivering the app for the Bluetooth-based telephony solution.

Our team of around 30 employees implemented functionality such as handsfree telephony in the car and advanced synching of phone contacts.

Other supply teams implemented modules for audio streaming from Bluetooth-activated media players and networks for internet connections, all based on our software, blueGo.

We also created and quality-assured a number of applications which communicate with a mobile app via blueGO. With them, the user can get diagnostic data from the car or directions for driving, walking, public transportation, or biking, via GPS and maps.

The solution created greater possibilities of personalizing the user’s infotainment system

With the updated and completed infotainment solution, there is now a possibility to make more adaptations and shape your own, personal infotainment system. Based on the end user’s needs and habits, the solution will remember what route the driver usually takes to work, helps out with finding the nearest empty parking space, plays their favorite music, and warns about traffic jams. The driver can choose between various views for the infotainment system, use voice commands, or interact through the touchscreen.

The components that were developed and delivered make up part of the platform that will serve as the foundation for the IVI systems in all the future cars from the client. This is intended for use to meet the drivers’ needs for a more adaptable and personalized infotainment system.


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