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Supporting a State-Owned Retail Client Through Their Agile Transformation and Change Journey


Our management consultants have transformed an organization into agile ways of working to accelerate product development and engage employees into consistent value creation.


Knowit provided agile principles and mindset

Customers today are difficult to satisfy, and they expect rapid and personalized adaptation of various services and products. To meet these increasing expectations, our client wanted to emphasize the customer journey by initiating an agile transformation. The goal was to enhance the pace of creating value in IT development to reduce the time-to-market in commerce channels, both in-store and online.

A structural and behavioral change was crucial for achieving the wanted state. Initially, this involved helping individuals across different levels and sectors of the organization to adopt an agile mindset and cross-functional skills, moving away from hierarchy and silos towards autonomy, collaboration, and decentralized decision-making.

We supported the organization in driving the agile transformation

The previous IT development delivery model was divided into several distinct functions, with in-house resources and suppliers often working in isolation. Thus, a pivotal element of the transformation was to integrate these functions more closely, eliminate obstacles that hindered the delivery pipeline, and at the same time establish communication processes and feedback loops for organization-wide transparency.

Our management consultants supported the organization in driving this transformation by providing agile principles, processes, and methodologies to develop cross-functional teams capable of delivering value both independently and collectively. Inspired by various agile frameworks, such as SAFe, Scrum, and Kanban, the transformation process was aligned with the organization’s internal purpose and guiding principles to “be better together” and maximize the potential of all 5,000 individuals in the company.

The project yielded three key outcomes:

  • A foundation to continue the journey of delivering customer value more rapidly and sustainably
  • A fundamental shift in working methods, with an increased emphasis on collaboration and alignment
  • The establishment of new teams, processes, tools, and principles within the organization

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Johanna Murby