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Storebrand in a new suit


With a new visual identity, the finance company Storebrand is equipped to strengthen its position. The development of the identity is based on a new brand strategy, where Storebrand's role and personality has been given new life.

Long-term cooperation

Knowit has collaborated with Storebrand on brand, content strategy and digital communication ever since 2013. Storebrand is a well-known brand within long-term savings and insurance, and delivers financial security and freedom to individuals, companies, and investors.

New visual concept

Knowit has explored new visual concepts, while the identity is recognizable and safeguards Storebrand's established brand equity. The result is a concept that plays on Storebrand's logo symbol, the "link", and how it symbolizes that Storebrand links the present and the future together. The concept is repeated in the form of dynamic and varied ovals and circles as design elements in Storebrand's new and contemporary visual toolbox.

Ownership of red

The new color palette reinforces and further develops Storebrand's ownership of red. We have introduced a richer selection of red tones which, in combination with new supporting colors, give a fresher and more modern look.


Own font

Typography is a key element in Storebrand's new identity. Here, Knowit has worked closely with the Copenhagen-based font agency Playtype. The result is the Storebrand font, a modern and timeless font with a distinctive character and good readability, which should express warmth, trust, and credibility.


Modernization of logo

As part of the modernization, Knowit has also adjusted Storebrand's logo, as well as the logo of the Swedish subsidiary SPP. Storebrand Sans is implemented in the name feature, and the logo symbol is lighter and less "locked". Kron, the fintech company that Storebrand acquired in 2023, has also had its logo and visual profile adjusted to make Storebrand's family affiliation clearer.


We wanted to renew Storebrand's visual profile in line with our brand strategy and present a more modern and forward-looking brand for a well-established and solid company with a long history. Knowit was a natural choice for the job. The combination of a new and fresh color palette, a modernized logo and tailored typography showcases Storebrand's brand identity in a way that we are very happy with and hope our customers appreciate.

Charlotte Hillestad, Head of brand and customer experience

Storebrand Life Insurance

Knowit's team has consisted of three designers, a project manager, and a consultant responsible for the client. In addition to involve Storebrand's marketing and brand management, the project has also collaborated with design and UX resources in Storebrand Digital, Storebrand's advertising agency and key people in Kron.

Storebrand's new identity was launched internally in December 2023, to great excitement among the employees. At the same time, the first withdrawals were launched on websites and selected digital solutions. From 2024, the new identity can be seen in advertising outlets.