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New resources for the 22 July Centre


In November 2022, the 22 July Centre launched a new website, developed by Knowit Experience Oslo. Throughout 2023, we have done further development of the website and are proud to present new digital learning resources and other elements for the 22 July Centre.


What is 22 July?

Many of today's school pupils were not born when the terrorist attack occurred. The staff at the 22 July Centre often get inquiries from grade school teachers seeking resources and help for education on what happened on July 22, 2011. There are also many parents who are asked by their children about what happened, how it happened, and why. Such questions are hard to answer. For this reason, the 22 July Centre wanted to develop an overview adapted for children and young people. Here, children aged 8 to 13 years can read adapted texts, listen to audio clips, and see child-friendly illustrations that describe the events of July 22, 2011.

What is 22 July?

The illustrations were made by Simen Gulliksen and Mathilde Lidvang at Melkeveien Designkontor.

The texts and audio recordings were produced by the 22 July Centre.

Memorial book and birthday flowers

The 22 July Centre opened a temporary center at Teatergata 10 in 2020. Here, visitors have been able to leave a greeting in memory of July 22, those killed and those who live on after the terrorist attack. Now, this can also be done digitally.

Employees decorate the reception of the temporary center with a flower on the birthday of each of the people killed. Now, these birthday flowers will also appear on the website, to honor and commemorate those we have lost.

See the Memorial book.


Digital sites for remembrance and accessibility

The Government Building Complex and Utøya are perceived by many as quite inaccessible places, because of both construction activities and distance. Many people wonder what these places looked like before the terrorist attack. They can find out through this resource.

Explore the Government Building Complex and Utøya.

The illustrations were made by Simen Gulliksen and Mathilde Lidvang at Melkeveien Designkontor.

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