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Increased efficiency and flexibility with custom app integrations


By creating the conditions for more easily adding custom applications to the customer's standardized business system, Knowit created the opportunity for increased efficiency and flexibility for Malmös Kommunala Bostäder.


Functionality needed to be adapted

MKB is one of Sweden's largest public housing companies with 350 employees and almost 26,000 apartments and over 1,000 commercial premises. The company is owned by the City of Malmö and around 60,000 Malmö residents live in an MKB apartment. 

MKB has a business system with which they manage rentals, apartment renovations, tenant information, business data, and more. The business system, in combination with individual SaaS integrations, covers the company's need for software support for the business.  

The challenge for the customer was that the system was delivered with ready-made functionality. Functionality that wasn't exactly what the customer needed. Therefore, MKB has had additional functionality developed in the form of individual SaaS integrations. However, the new features became extraneous components that put a strain on the system and required monitoring during updates. This meant that the costs of maintaining the added functionalities increased and MKB was completely dependent on its supplier. In addition, MKB had problems accessing its own data in the SaaS solutions. 

Increased flexibility with Azure

The solution was to develop an abstraction layer that allowed for increased flexibility. The abstraction layer enabled information exchange within the business system and with the various SaaS solutions. By using Azure Integration Services, Knowit developed the abstraction layer as well as adapters with functions for presenting data in MKB's own user interface, even when the information was retrieved from the supplier's system. These adapters were implemented with Azure Functions.

To make it easier for the customer to gain control over their data, Knowit created storage tables and integrated MS SQL servers, which gave the customer control of and access to the data, which allowed a better understanding of the system's performance.

Cost-effective self-development

The solution Knowit developed was event-based, which provides a more robust system with fewer downtimes. Another advantage of Knowit's solution is that the customer can create new functions without their own deep knowledge of the entire system, which enables cheaper development and a faster time to market. Many processes have also been automated which has increased user-friendliness. Knowit also took responsibility for educating the customer on topics such as Cloud, Azure, GitHub, development, and maintenance.

The benefits for MKB were that they took control of their own system and data, while significantly reducing the time to develop new functionality. The overall stability of the system was improved, and the individual SaaS solutions can be fully utilized. In addition to the cost savings that the new solution has entailed, the ability to adapt the system to MKB's needs has also increased. The rental process, is now almost completely automated, allowing them to focus on other customer support issues. This, in turn, has improved the working environment for MKB's employees.

How the solution contributes to Agenda 2030

Goal 11, Sustainable cities and communities: The solution has resulted in a reduced workload and an improved working environment for MKB's employees. The time and cost savings made can be allocated to other crucial aspects of the operation. MKB now has better control over its systems and important customer-related data, making it easier to develop functionality as needed.

SDG 11

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