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Ensto Building Systems teams up with Knowit to guarantee reliable services for its clients


Knowit has taken over the monitoring of Ensto Building Systems’ AWS environment. The 24/7 maintenance service ensures the functionality and continuous availability of services for Ensto Building Systems’ clients. The company’s own team can enjoy days off without worrying about cloud emergencies, while Knowit’s proactive approach facilitates the continuous development of the environment.


The partnership involves round-the-clock maintenance services

Ensto Building Systems, part of the Legrand Group, designs, manufactures, and sells high-quality electrification products and solutions in the Nordic countries and, in selected product segments, worldwide. The services provided to clients must be continuously and reliably available.

Knowit is Ensto Building Systems’ partner and AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP). The partnership involves round-the-clock maintenance services for the AWS environment and consulting and project services to continuously develop the environment.

Ensto Building Systems’ experts can rest assured that their services are in good hands

Ensto Building Systems wanted round-the-clock support for its client-critical cloud services. The functionality of electric car charging services is critical for Ensto Building Systems’ clients and end users. As the number of service users increases, the service development team can no longer be responsible for support and maintenance.

“Knowit helps us provide a better service to our clients. Moreover, our employees can relax properly during their free time when their jobs do not require them to be on call. In the long run, the product development team cannot be solely responsible for keeping the entire service running,” says Vesa Kaivosoja, Software Development Manager at Ensto Building Systems.

Ensto Building Systems knew it was not worth developing a dedicated round-the-clock support organization. The company wanted a partner that provided on-call services as a normal part of its business. Kaivosoja had already worked with Knowit in previous positions and on Ensto Building Systems’ cloud consultation.

Knowit was the right-sized service provider for us. A larger service provider might not have been so interested in us. The partnership needs to make sense for both parties.

Vesa Kaivosoja

Manager, Ensto Building Systems

Proactive development work

Knowit began providing managed services for Ensto Building Systems AWS environment. Now, it has the capability to react to any alerts from AWS and handle Ensto Building Systems’ work requests. Before the MSP agreement with Knowit, there was more manual monitoring work and less automation.

One motivation for finding a partner to take over maintenance duties from the EBS experts was to free up their time to develop new things. Knowit is now fully responsible for optimizing and developing the AWS environment. The customer account includes the services of Knowit’s AWS architect, who helps identify potential areas for development.

“Soon after the service agreement began, there were a few cases that helped us fine-tune the guidelines. Fortunately, they only affected our operations. Now we make improvements whenever necessary. Knowit also suggests improvements proactively,” Kaivosoja says.

Now we have a centralized, managed and systematic entity. Our team members have been happy with the professionalism, vision and ideas of Knowit’s experts.

Vesa Kaivosoja

Manager, Ensto Building Systems

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