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Doktor24's smooth transition to a new Google Workspace


Doktor24 is one of Sweden’s leading digi-physical healthcare providers. Knowit supported Doktor24 in their Google Workspace account migration, seamlessly transitioning from an existing domain to a newly established one.


Establishing a new domain for Doktor24

Doktor24 Healthcare was founded in 2017 with the goal of creating accessible and sustainable healthcare with the patient in focus. Today, Doktor24 is one of Sweden’s largest digi-physical healthcare providers, with a highly rated patient app that manages both minor acute and chronic conditions.

Doktor24 emerged as an autonomous company, distinct and separate from Platform24. In the wake of this separation, a significant undertaking was required to transfer around 280 accounts from an existing Google Workspace domain to a newly established.

Seamless account migration

The challenge in these technical migrations lies in creating a new domain and transferring all users, their calendars, emails, and files to the newly created domain with minimal operational disruption. Undertaking a task of this magnitude is not a trivial task and is not recommended for organizations to attempt on their own. Since two organizations are involved, it is crucial to minimize the impact on both entities.

Knowit provided comprehensive support to Doktor24, encompassing project management, the development of programming of specialized scripts, as well as direct coordination with Google. This multifaceted support was aimed at ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for Doktor24 to the new domain, meticulously addressing each aspect of the migration process.

Unnoticed yet impactful

The transition was executed with such precision and efficiency that the vast majority of users were completely unaware of the change taking place. In this seamless shift every user was able to retain their existing email addresses, all their files, and calendar bookings, ensuring uninterrupted access and continuity in their daily work routines.

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Ali Yenidogan

Google Business Alliance Lead

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