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AI and automation save time in routine tasks


Familjens Jurist enlisted the help of Knowit to implement a digital assistant, which has increased internal efficiency. Using AI, automated documents for simple legal cases can be created, freeing up time for more complex cases.


Digitalization helps legal firms meet increasing demand for legal services

Familjens Jurist is the leading legal service provider in Sweden and offers expert help and support to individuals and companies. The organization operates in a sector that is always changing, where digitalization, increasing demand for legal services, and continual changes to legislation and regulations require an adaptive work method. It is becoming more common for legal firms to integrate digital platforms and tools for managing legal cases and client data. The clients, in turn, get access to digital legal consultancy through both platforms and tools, meaning that they can sometimes get their cases resolved entirely in the digital realm.

To deal with changes in the outside world and free up employees’ time for more demanding cases and value-creating client work, Familjens Jurist enlisted the help of Knowit’s management consultants, who performed an analysis of potential developments in internal efficiency.

Legal experts get more time for value-creating activities

Review and identification of possibilities

The project began with a mapping of the current status to identify the most time-consuming and repetitive areas, which significantly impacted the everyday work of the legal experts . In selected offices, key staff were interviewed regarding operative legal processes. This provided the basis for a quantitative analysis resulting in a detailed map of the current status. This investigation showed, among other things, that one continually recurring and time-consuming task for legal experts was creating documents in simpler, more standardized cases. 

Digital assistance

Simpler, standardized cases can be managed with the help of AI and automation. When the necessary data are provided to the AI solution, it can swiftly scan through them and generate a draft document. Therefore, our consultants and Familjens Jurist decided to implement a digital assistant – a solution that eliminates a large portion of the time that employees had previously spent on creating documents.

A need for a sustainable solution

To ensure a smooth employee experience that did not require further education or using yet another platform, Familjens Jurist chose to implement a digital assistant that could be reached by e-mail. The assistant was created in a digital environment that employees use daily.

The digital assistant increases efficiency and creates client value

The digital assistant provides strong support to Familjens Jurist in selected case types – the legal experts can e-mail all the documents related to a case to the digital assistant, which scans and interprets them. When the data have been analyzed, the digital assistant responds with a draft for the document needed in the case at hand. The legal expert can use this as a basis for their continued contact with the client. In many instances, no further work is needed, meaning that Familjens Jurist saves time, which can be used for value-creating efforts for existing and new clients.

The automation, which is based on an AI solution, performs routine tasks in an efficient way, enabling for employees to focus on more challenging cases and value-adding dialogues with their clients. A decreased administrative burden also means that more clients can get help faster, which can be crucial for a person in need of legal consultancy.

Through decreased administration, more clients can get help faster.

Victoria Thore

CEO, Familjens Jurist

How the solution contributes to Agenda 2030

Contribution to SDG 8: The digital assistant lessens the burden for employees, freeing up their time. This contributes to more people getting legal help faster, while also enabling economic growth.


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