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A silent healthcare environment and secure alarm at Sala hospital


Sala hospital is growing and developing the care in Region Västmanland, Sweden, with new hospital buildings based on high requirements on infrastructure and modern technology. Knowit has delivered a feasibility study of the current status and, in the requirements specification, suggested solutions that would modernize the hospital and give healthcare staff increased mobility.

New emergency alarm for more efficient and safer care

The assignment included finding appropriate emergency alarm systems and patient call systems that would both streamline work and decrease stress among staff, as well as giving patients increased security and safety. 

For instance, a patient can signal from a treatment room to alert staff, and staff can signal to each other in case of emergency situations or alert an emergency team in case of cardiac arrest.


Four solutions for a modern, stress-free hospital environment

The solutions involve a high level of modernization and digitalization, with concepts like:

1. Silent alarms, meaning that a silent signal and vibration is sent to staff phones. This eliminates beeping and blinking equipment in hospital corridors.

2. Escalation chains mean that the signal is sent to the next person, if the first person cannot respond. This contributes to secure alarm chains and increased
quality assurance in healthcare.

3. Implementing apps in mobile devices means that staff can use tablet computers or smartphones to receive alarms and send them to specific workgroups or units.

4. Connection to a central environment, where all alarms and calls are logged, enables later follow-up and investigation of events, analysis of statistics, and – if necessary – expansion of the system.

Knowit has supported the purchasing of a central environment, so the hospital can implement an optimal alarm and call solution, and contributed in development of work methods and securing equipment deliveries.

Because the hospital in Sala was built in accordance with the principle “flexible construction,” it can quickly be adapted to new work methods, equipment, and technology.

Maria Wäppling, Senior management consultant and specialist in e-health


How the solutions contribute to Agenda 2030

Contribution to goal 3: The solutions can contribute to good health and well-being through secure alarm chains and a quiet healthcare environment. Both have the opportunity to contribute to increased security and safety for patients and a better working environment for staff.


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