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Time to challenge it

Do you share our passion to make the world a better place to live in? Here, you get to use strategy, creativity, or tech to solve the challenges that our clients are facing.

Be a part of the solution

At Knowit, you become a part of an exciting and important journey where we share the vision of a sustainable and humane society. We are looking for individuals who are driven to improve, simplify, or find new innovative solutions. Behind every significant change are teams of skilled individuals, and we offer you nearly 4,000 colleagues who are experts and specialists in digital transformation.

You find our work across various industries and businesses, constantly helping our clients to improve. You'll have the opportunity to explore and grow in challenging assignments that contribute to a greater whole. Code, project management, security, design, management, strategy – you name it – here, you make it happen.

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Makers of a sustainable future

To address the challenges we face, we believe it's important as a company and employer to take responsibility, providing you with the conditions to actually 'walk the talk.' Here, we follow up on our sustainability efforts and have clear goals for where we are heading.

How? We share our results in our climate reporting Pillar 1 | The companies of the future.