For us, sustainability is about creating long-term value by integrating environmental, social, and financial risks, and opportunities in business strategy and operations. Integrating sustainability contributes to creating an attractive and flexible company that is equipped for a changeable business landscape.

Our vision – a sustainable and humane society

With a basis in our vision of a sustainable and humane society through digitization and innovation, we can be a positive force in matters relating to both environment and sustainability in a broader perspective.

Our policies reflect the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, which means that we are to conduct business in an ethical manner, showing respect for our own employees and those of other companies, as well as minimize negative environmental impact.

With a basis in the principles, we strive to develop our operations in accordance with sound business practices and correct behavior in the areas of human rights, labor law, environment, and anti-corruption.

Our Code of Conduct, equality and diversity policy, and environmental policy are rules which govern and reflect our work in the sustainability field.

Knowit – Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner

Our continuous sustainability efforts meant that we were, in 2019, awarded the certificate “ESG Transparency Partner.” This is a certificate awarded to companies listed on Nasdaq which active work with sustainability.

More on the certificate here

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