Our approach to continuous improvement

Are you looking for a partner to guarantee that your cloud services are continuously adapted to the business needs of your operations and the changes in your surroundings? If so, you can rely on us. We can offer continuous improvements of applications and systems on multiple levels.

The first step is a review of your platform and solutions, with recommendations on changes to optimize the application, from both a cost perspective and as regards functionality. The next step could be to implement test-driven monitoring. Tests are created for use in application-based monitoring based on actual user experiences.

In the final step, the application can be adapted for a full DevOps undertaking with automated testing, continuous development, continuous deployment, and monitoring. DevOps are managed in accordance with Knowit’s established CI (continuous integrations) and CD (continuous delivery) DevOps model.

Well-Architected Review

Developing and architecting an infrastructure for your application is not an easy task. With high requirements for security, performance, resiliency, and sustainability it is hard to meet the bar. Using a Well-Architected Framework as a checklist we help and guide you in designing and operating secure, cost-effective, and sustainable workloads in the cloud.

We run reviews to assess your workload and provide guidance on how to improve your architecture and implementation. The review covers all aspects, including operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability. Using the framework in your architecture gives you a consistent approach on how to benchmark your workload against best practices and continually improve.


We design, develop, manage, and secure your DevOps platform in the cloud to help you launch new products and services faster. We deliver automation to your cloud infrastructure, allowing your R&D operations to launch new technical environments in minutes. Our automation cloud templates ensure the environments are identical, secured and optimised to your needs based on best practices.

We can also integrate your cloud accounts to existing internal network and systems architecture if needed. Automating the product development cycle improves the quality of operations, prevents human error, reduces costs, and allows you to quickly react to changing market conditions.

We deliver a whole development team of cloud experts

With over 20 years of experience and more than 70 ongoing development teams, we know cloud platforms inside and out. We have the capacity to deliver a whole development team using cloud as a platform to develop and manage your applications. Benefit from our deep knowledge of automated testing, continuous integration, and delivery solutions. Our specialists also design and implement operational metrics that give you a clear view of your infrastructure’s performance.

Education and training

Upskill your cloud and DevOps experts with our hands-on workshops. As a DevOps solution provider, we can bring your team up to speed on the cultural philosophy behind DevOps and promote the use of DevOps practices. 

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