Pricing Excellence

Optimizing a company’s pricing strategy is about understanding the underlying drivers of customer value and paying attention to the details in terms, targets and KPIs. This is achieved by using fact-based insights and practices and challenging previously established myths and practices.

Optimizing company’s profitability

Working with the entire pricing process is often a cross-company effort, which is why we take a holistic view when working with pricing. For us that means both making sure that all parts of a winning pricing concept are in place and that all changes are thoroughly implemented. We work with customers at any stage of their journey.

Whether you are trying to find the right pricing strategy or implement a new discount structure, we always make sure to deliver usable and valuable results.

Depending on industry and product/service, we have a historic price effect of 2-9%. That means a direct revenue increase entirely hitting the bottom line.

  • We help our clients increase profitability and competitiveness through better pricing. With a deep understanding of customer needs, we increase both value creation and value capture. We are fact- and data driven and direct our actions to increase long-term competitive strength and financial impact.
  • We work closely with key individuals at all levels of the organization, from the board of directors to the shop floor, which we believe is the way to achieve extraordinary results.
  • We partner with our clients with the overall aim to build a culture where the customer, value delivery and profitability are in focus. We do this through internal value champions, group training sessions and personal coaching.
  • We enable sustainability and continuous development with digital tools that create visibility through monitoring of relevant KPIs, which help put important issues in focus to stimulate action.
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Björn Kölerud
Manager of Service in Profitability Management
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