Knowit becomes new strategic partner to Ovako

Published 10 Oct 2018 Knowit becomes new strategic partner to Ovako

Ovako has chosen Knowit in Örebro as its new partner for development and maintenance of IT systems. The new collaboration means both increased delivery capacity and greater flexibility for parts of Ovako’s existing range of systems.

”Knowit’s offering covers the needs we have as regards development and maintenance of our IT systems. It is a flexible collaboration that feels safe and strongly knowledge-based, with an agile business model making it possible for us to scale our internal IT delivery of system development up or down, as needed,” says Jenny Vannestål, Acting Group Manager System SE, Ovako Sweden.

Knowit has agile delivery teams accustomed to working with several clients at once. The agile work method, which is now established in developing IT solutions, facilitates for re-prioritization, changes and new requirements that arise during the course of work, while also decreasing dependence on individuals. This work method was both a point of interest for and a requirement from Ovako in its search for a strategic partner.

”At Knowit, we are very happy to have received Ovako’s confidence and to be working with them. With our competence in everything from operations and IT to agile work methods, we have what is needed to provide the support that Ovako desires,” says Pia Engwall, CEO Knowit Örebro.

Knowit’s agile delivery team has been working since June and is managing errands efficiently along with Ovako’s own system developers.

(Photograph: Mikael Ullén)

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