Folkhälsokollen, a digital solution providing knowledge on demography and living habits

Published 02 May 2018 Folkhälsokollen - a flexible digital solution

The Center for epidemiology and social medicine (CES), Stockholm County Council (SLL), has together with Knowit developed a digital tool that can in a simple, flexible way disseminate knowledge and provide support for discussions and decisions. The tool will also be accessible to the public and is launched on May 2.

This is a further development of an existing platform, which now makes it possible for decision-makers, societal planners, and other stakeholder groups to quickly and readily get access to large amounts of data regarding each municipality and city district. The database contains information making it easy to compare and see differences in demography and living habits in a transparent way.

”The goal with the new digital Folkhälsokollen is to increase transparency and usage of the data collected. The new site,, will create value when used for local ventures in municipalities, for instance regarding health and societal planning,” says Joanna Stjernschantz Forsberg, project manager for Folkhälsokollen at the Center for epidemiology and social medicine.

At you can access data from all municipalities and city districts in the county. Here, there are statistics for comparing everything from dietary habits, exercise, and alcohol consumption, to demographic facts and crime rates.

”Municipalities and county councils have access to large amounts of data regarding their citizens. In developing Folkhälsokollen we have, together with CES, created a data model where the user in a simple way gains access to the information and can see new relationships that provide better decision support. We have collaborated with Stockholm County Council for several years and this has been one of the more interesting projects, one where we can see a direct societal benefit,” says Jens Wintzer, project lead at Knowit.

The new site is available from 2 May at

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