We have been very happy and pleased with the way Cybercom collaborates with us. The level of expert services provided by Cybercom remains consistently high, and we see major added value in their AWS-certified professionals and technical evangelists.

Max Bernoulli, Head of Operations, Vastuu Group

Functionality and availability of services at the core of the business

Already for years, Vastuu Group's services have been operated in diverse cloud environments, both public and private, also making use of conventional data centre services as necessary. However, at some point Vastuu Group noticed that their AWS cloud services had fallen into a secondary role, and there was no-one in their organisation to master the services as a whole and take ownership of them.

Vastuu Group then began looking for a cloud service partner that could provide the necessary support services directly on AWS as well as manage and oversee the services 24/7 to ensure their functionality.

Based on thorough due diligence, they selected us as partner, and the parties' Passionate Support for AWS collaboration was kicked off at the beginning of 2019. Passionate Support includes 24/7 on-call services all around the year, infrastructure and architecture design services in AWS environments, and implementation.

Continuous functionality and availability are the most critical aspects relating to the services that are publicly available for all. One of these public cloud services provided by Vastuu Group is called Zeckit. The service offers information on all Finnish companies, covering their background and featuring customer evaluations. Zeckit falls within the agreed service scope of Passionate Support.

AWS cloud services reliably operated and maintained by a partner

In the first phase of the collaboration, Knowit began operating the client's AWS cloud service accounts. This ensured the client's access to the AWS support offered by Knowit as part of the Passionate Support service package.

Having begun operating the accounts, Knowit carried out a current state analysis of Vastuu Group's service. The analysis covered in detail the client service make-up, operating principle and building method. All the findings were documented, and the services were successfully transitioned to be operated and maintained by Knowit's Service Desk 24/7.

"I've been extremely content with their Passionate Support customer service that is available 24/7. They are quick to respond, and any interruptions have been swiftly dealt with. Especially I'd like to commend the Service Desk's proactive way of operating and embracing an anticipatory mindset in their contacts with the client. In view of business continuity, it is absolutely critical for us to obtain any information relating to service functionality in advance, so that we can anticipate the measures needed and focus on the right ones."

Max Bernoulli, Head of Operations, Vastuu Group

Knowit built a carefully considered infrastructure for the client's public cloud service, which will support the development of services and the business in the future.

A higher standard of data confidentiality through consistent application of best practices

Knowit and Vastuu Group have expanded their collaboration further. Among other things, Knowit helps the client to harness AWS Well-Architected Framework practices. This allows the parties to standardise the utilisation of AWS services and build an AWS architecture for cloud environments by making use of management models and environments that comply with the best practices. Thanks to the standardisation, the client can verify to its own customers that the services are built correctly and are always available and that the standard of data confidentiality is higher than before.

The goal is to produce sustainable and responsible services

For years already, Vastuu Group has aimed at producing environmentally friendly services in a responsible way. This involves utilising digitalisation for purposes such as reducing the environmental load resulting from unnecessary use of print documentation. Sustainability also plays a strong part in Knowit's services and values. Knowit evaluates each client project against UN's sustainable development goals. At the heart of all its services is the desire to implement solutions that are sustainable for the client long into the future and that allow optimisation of energy savings and sustainable use of resources and physical materials, for example.

Vastuu Group has been very happy with the results and quality of Knowit services. Knowit provides the client the management of AWS services and related expert consultation with a proactive approach and a quick response time. Furthermore, Knowit helps the client to anticipate any measures to be carried out regularly and prepare for them. These measures serve to ensure that the client has a comprehensive idea and understanding of the things it needs to know and focus on to ensure service continuity.

UN Sustainable Global Goal number 11

To create inclusive, safe and sustainable cities and neighborhoods. The aim is to pay attention among others to urban air quality and environmental well-being.

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