Finland will become more sustainable by 2050. The country’s “social commitment to sustainable development” requires exactly what the name indicates – all of society’s involvement. This includes a number of climate-related goals, including resource and energy efficiency.

A really big actor that has accepted the Finnish government’s call is the cooperative group S Group (S-ryhmä). S Group works in retail and is with nearly 40,000 employees Finland’s largest private employer. Sales are on par with some of the largest companies of the Helsinki stock exchange.

S Group is investing in cloud services, one of the many advantages of which is energy efficiency. Knowit provides cloud services through a frame agreement covering managed services, 24/7 support, advisory, project deliveries and cloud security. This makes the cloud platform more efficient and supports the S Group’s business development.


Goal 12: Responsible Consumption. The aim is to ensure the sustainability of consumption and production patterns.

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