The company offers a wide variety of services such as workwear, mats, restaurant and hotel textiles, industrial wipers, and cleanroom and washroom services, and it aims to be the most sustainable company in the industry by 2025 while helping its customers to become more sustainable.

In order to reach the ambitious goal of recycling all end-of-life textiles instead of sending them to landfill or incineration, Lindström tracks the amount of eliminated textiles. In addition, the company follows operational metrics such as the consumption of water, energy and chemicals with set targets.

Together with Knowit, Lindström started planning and creating different kinds of business intelligence dashboards to track these targets. Dashboards have been created so that they are easy to use, and Lindström can easily follow the essential KPIs and their development. End users have been heavily involved in the planning process, which ensures a top-notch outcome.

By using modern business intelligence solutions developed together with Knowit, Lindström can track its water and energy consumption, and make sure the goals they have set for waste reduction will be fulfilled.

Cybercom (Knowit) brought visuality and fresh ideas to our data follow up, which we could not have created on our own. Caring for the planet is an important strategic theme for us, and the need for environmental reporting is all the time increasing and developing, as we start to track performance on new areas. We aim to co-operate further with Cybercom (Knowit), and the next reports are already being planned.

Seija Forss, Process Specialist, Environment and Hygiene at Lindström Group.

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