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The challenge facing Knowit and Ejendals was primarily to identity a design and functionality that would help Ejendals reach new markets during the company’s European expansion.

The target was to increase sales by building a new, inspirational and user friendly website that performs whether one is surfing on a mobile phone, computer or any other device.


The solution was a website accessible to all types of devices, with a clear structure and navigation, distinct product range and efficient ordering system.

Throughout the process, a great deal of focus rested on the product search function; after all, if the customer can’t find what they need there will be few purchases, so we made sure to get this right.

Ejendals website displayed on an iPad

The result

Ejendals wants to contribute to their customers’ profitability by reducing workplace injuries and, if we listen to the Episerver Website Award jury’s motivation in the category Business to Business, their website provides all of the preconditions for helping them achieve this aim.

The winner of the best B2B website is a modern site that truly inspires with its products and well-thought-through design. The product search function allows filtering and customisation of orders in a simple and user-friendly manner. The site works just as well on mobile phones as on tablets while the unified and appealing visual language encourage the customer to explore further. A stylish website that creates both a willingness to buy and loyalty.

Episerver Award jury’s motivation

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