Circle K terminal operation centre

The Challenge

To ensure profitability and competitiveness in a market with uncertain prospects, Circle K decided in 2017 to consolidate a significant amount of the tasks associated with storing fuel in Europe into one location without harm to ongoing operations. Circle K wanted external assistance to plan and implement this demanding transformation process, as well as to explore new technological solutions that could support the change process and help realize the potential.

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The Solution

Through a comprehensive project, Knowit has led efforts to map and standardize existing tasks, designed a new operating model, piloted and tested new technology for operators, as well as supported the line organization in implementation and transformational work across locations in Europe. The realization of the planned schedule has been made shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders and the teams in Circle K and has resulted in visible business benefits. As an integral part of the project deliverables, support has also been provided for the establishment of a new line organization, including training and coaching to operationalize the new operating model.

Map of terminal operation centres across europe and where they are consonidated now

The Result

A minimum Viable Product is in place and large parts of the tasks previously carried out across European terminals are now performed in a more unified and standardized manner from one location at the Terminal Operations Center in Riga, Latvia. This creates a more robust 24/7 operation, that is scalable. The project, which is still ongoing, is of strategic importance to the company and constitutes a major change in the operating model for storage and distribution of fuel in Europe. By this transformation, Circle K wants to be more capable to meet future changes in the market.

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Head of Next Generation Operating Model
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