Based on a solid cryptographic platform

Ink on paper – isn’t that a bit outmoded? The technology that makes digital signatures possible exists, and there is nothing in the law standing in the way. Nevertheless, countless agreements are signed by hand on paper with every­thing that entails in terms of the time and resources required for signature, distribution, transport and paper archives.

Our new SignPort service has torn down the remaining barriers. A signed e-document cannot be altered without detection, which means doc­uments can be stored and distributed digitally. Documents can be signed using vari­ous authentication methods (such as the Swedish Bank-ID system or single-use codes sent by text message), and it works for both external and internal processes. Naturally, we considered the users and what would be most convenient for them when SignPort was developed.

Our consultants has resolved all the tricky issues related to security, privacy and compliance. SignPort is based on a solid cryptographic platform and has been reviewed by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency to ensure that it complies with the technical frameworks recommended by the Swedish Agency for Digital Government.

SignPort was built to work for any organisation, and government agen­cies in particular have much to gain by binning paper agreements. We have already delivered SignPort to several of Sweden’s government agencies, which means that millions of paper agreements have been replaced. And more are waiting in the wings. Now that’s what we call effi­ciency improvement!

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Business Unit Manager Secure Solutions
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