Challenge – high load and uptime requirements

The solution needs to be able to serve a lot of concurrent users, at normal traffic the site serves millions of connections per hour. There are also high requirements for uptime so the solution needs to be resilient to both faults and high load. Since It operations and application management are not the company's core business they needed a partner to handle that for them.

Solution that leverages existing and embraces new

Knowit used the enterprise-scale hub and spoke reference architecture, and Landing Zone templates as a base to create a landing zone for the company. To leverage existing investments, parts of the solution were migrated to Azure infrastructure. More than twenty servers running legacy applications were migrated to Virtual Machines in Azure. 

The solution also embraces Azure native services such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), logging, and monitoring. High availability requirements are met by using Azure’s availability sets for migrated Linux and Windows servers, and the existing SQL Servers were migrated to Always On availability groups for SQL Server. 

Cost effective and highly automated 

The migrated and developed solution benefits from the strengths of Azure and is also well-positioned for any new business challenges. The company now has a cost effective, secure and cloud enabled solution with high level of automation from build and deploy to infrastructure as code. 

Knowit’s strong experience in strategic planning, architecture and operations helped the company in the transition from onpremise to cloud. Knowit remains as a trusted partner for current development, operations, and future possibilities.

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