Husqvarna Group is a world-leading producer of outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, robotic lawn mowers and garden tractors. To strengthen the sustainability focus of the product area Commercial Lawn and Gardening, Husqvarna needed to find new values to deliver to their customers through new offerings by taking into account the sustainability impact.

Although the project had started focusing on new sustainable offerings, more resources were required to move faster, facilitate business model innovation and ultimately define a new vision to strive towards.


To ensure a successful strategic roadmap Husqvarna selected Knowit as its partner. Knowit applied its advisory services for digital sustainability as a driver for innovation and profitability.

The Digital Sustainability Advisory includes four main processes:

  • Digital sustainability assessment and benchmarking
  • Customer insights
  • Business model innovation
  • Validated learning


The outcome of the workshop series and customer opinion's brought clarity and provided a clear action list that adds on to earlier studies and reports about digitalization and future trends.

This helped Husqvarna to move from only a traditional reactive approach to sustainability, focusing mainly on internal issues, to also see the business opportunities that arise when using global sustainability goals as a driver for innovation and increased revenues.

When faced with the challenge to create new offerings and also adding the perspectives of digitalisation and sustainability, we have very much appreciated the experience and the resources that Cybercom (Knowit) could put into our cooperation.

Cybercom (Knowit) has presented a unique approach where delivery on global sustainability goals is used as driver for innovation and new sales. Cybercom (Knowit) helped us integrate a digital sustainability approach which resulted in a new future position as a "green space supplier."

This transformation was very important for us, as it helped us move towards the service-oriented and partner driven company we want to be.

Kalle Lind, Director - Commercial Lawn and Garden, Husqvarna Division at Husqvarna Group

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