Gentle renewal

The last time Glamox updated their logo was in 1982, 40 years ago, and it no longer reflected the position and ambitions of the company. It was also too detailed, making it difficult to apply on digital and physical surfaces. The overall identity was in need of a renewal that shows more personality.

Still, a logo with that much tradition needed to be transformed with a gentle and humble touch. The Glamox brand is established in markets all over the world and it is important to balance recognition with necessary renewal.

A graphic rendering of light

The earlier symbol is now simplified and no longer confined in a box. As a graphic rendering of light, the rays flow out of the symbol in digital and analog surfaces, and in motion use. The result is a more timely and dynamic identity that makes Glamox stand out in the international corporate market.

“The new logo and identity is meant to express that Glamox is a source of light”, says Marc Ligeti, Lead Designer in Knowit Experience. “We wanted to create associations to the brilliance and positivity in rays and at the same time give a subtle hint to the letter G. Close cooperation with the customer was decisive on the road towards the solution, not least because we needed to preserve the value of an established brand”, Marc Ligeti ads.

Internal acclaim

In November 2021 the new identity was presented to the 2300 employees of Glamox in 16 countries, to wide acclaim. “Fresh”, “modern”, and ”very Glamox” were typical comments. A lot of employees also expressed that the feeling of pride to work at Glamox was amplified.

International boost

The renewed brand profile has also been well received in the design community, and not just in Norway. Recently it was announced that the Glamox work is on the shortlist for The One Show, one of the most prestigious international award programs within advertising, design and digital marketing. If the brand profile will be rewarded with one of the exclusive pencils will be announced in New York on May 20th.

As if that wasn’t enough, Art Director’s Club awards (ADC awards) has nominated both the brand profile and the logo to shortlists. The ADC awards will be announced in New York on May 18th.

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