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The challenge

Porsche as a brand is globally renowned. Whichever Porsche website you visit – be it Sweden, Germany, Brazil or Japan – you should feel at home. The design should be interchangable on all websites and follow the global guidelines for the brand. Porsche Sverige wanted to upgrade their existing website in terms of design and content, and simultaneously upgrade to the newer version of Episerver.

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The solution

During the first phase of the project, Knowit was responsible for strategic content, evaluating the existing content and reworking it for the new porsche.se. The project then continued with the development of the new website, including especially interesting sections containing an inspirational event platform and clear model pages. Porsche Sverige’s engagement in motor sport, for example the Carrera Cup, was also to be highlighted.

A Porsche in a winter landscape

The result

Porsches are, and will remain, fast, luxury cars. This idea also permeates the new porsche.se. Their models dare to command attention and stand out in a crowd and you as a visitor can simply navigate to the Car Configurator and build your own Porsche. The new porsche.se meets many needs – for those who own a Porsche and those looking for inspiration and who aspire to do so.

The new porsche.se is upgraded from EPiServer 6 till EPiServer 9.3.0. The website is responsive and flexible on desktops, mobiles or tablets. The homepage features an integrated social media stream from Storystream, where fans can easily follow Porsche on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

“Now we have a website that can live up to the expectations attached to a brand such as Porsche.”

Continued optimisation

Knowit is a long-standing digital partner to Porsche, working together on changes and improvements.

“Porsche Sverige are extremely satisfied with the new porsche.se. Now we have a website that can live up to the expectations attached to a brand such as Porsche. We have enjoyed our collaboration with Knowit during the development of the new porsche.se. Their high levels of dedication and customer care are things we have appreciated,” says Andreas Strid of Porsche Sverige.

After the launch of the new porsche.se, the focus is now firmly on the continuing optimisation of the website – both in the form of editorial support and analytical activities – to continuously improve and meet the demands of visitors.

A great deal of work is also going into developing separate sections of the website for Porsche Center and Porsche Service Center.

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