The challenge

The Nordic company Armatec has enlisted the help of Knowit to implement its updated strategy and achieve its ambitious goal. It wants to double its profit in two years – instead of five, as originally planned.

Armatec is specialized in climate-smart flow technology for buildings and industries. The company solves technical challenges in water, heating, cooling, and processes. Key factors to achieve the goal are increasing net sales, improving margins, becoming more sustainable, and using new tech in a smarter way. Armatec operates in several countries and has a broad product portfolio with thousands of products.


The solution

The assignment kickstarted with the project team breaking down the goal into sub-goals, defining activities, and drafting a two-year execution plan along with the management team. Implementation, which is performed using a sprint methodology, has been going on for eight months, and 30% of the goal has already been achieved. The sub-projects have encompassed, for example, purchasing, smarter pricing, and higher cost efficiency in the organization.

Our team is working in an integrated way with the client, driving the program forward (Project Management Office, PMO), contributing with analyses and insights, expertise in the aforementioned areas, and execution.

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Offer manager and specialist in profitability and operating capital optimization
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