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With 3,400 employees in over 20 countries, one major challenge lay in defining the project and reduce outcome targets to their essence for both intranet and public website. To build support for these while remaining responsive and respectful of the client’s work processes, while also fine tuning working procedures to obtain the greatest possible use from the two platforms.

For example, it was important that employees could quickly begin new collaborations in the form of project sites providing tools such as document and image management, task lists, forums and communications channels. Cooperation across competencies and geographical borders that had previously demanded a great deal of work.

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The result

We see an increase in collaboration across geographical borders, with thousands of active users 24/7 in different parts of the world. From a user viewpoint, the integration of two platforms (EPiServer and SharePoint) was a great success as Statkraft is now able to experience the best of both worlds, meeting the digital workplace needs of a diverse range of target groups.

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