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Santander Consumer Bank is a division of Banco Santander, one of the word’s largest banking concerns. The bank has over 1.3 million customers in the Nordics, including 450,000 in Sweden. In order to be an even more relevant bank for their customers, Santander are developing their digital presence.

Focus on user experience

The aim is to create not only an easy-to-navigate site but also a new and more responsive sales channel with automated processes. We began from scratch as the existing site offered only limited online customer services rather than interactive banking services. Our point of departure was to understand the customer’s journey and which interfaces are important. We also needed to define and create the digital services and provide the editor with specialised tools.

We placed a great deal of emphasis on functionality and user experience; to identify what customers need to know and feel, what they want to do and what they dislike. This knowledge influenced the navigation structure and interface design. By developing responsivity, animations, mouse-over effects and text/tonality, we created a feeling and experience equal to everything the Santander brand stands for.

Automated processes

When the new site was launched in 2015 we, together with Santander’s employees, were able to confirm that we had achieved our aim of building something unique.

The personal Internet bank: All communication/interaction is based on customer data from Santander’s CRM system which detects the type of offer that the logged-on customer may be in most need of. The customer never receives general offers. Only offers that are relevant at that specific time are displayed.

The editor-controlled Internet bank. The editor controls how the site looks and works, what is to be shown and how. The editor is also able to add functionality and adjust the set up. All activity is continuously measured and monitored to guarantee that the site functions optimally over time.

The automated Internet bank With this new platform, all processes are fully automated; for example, the customer is able to click to access loan applications and existing loan agreements without the need to go through any human intermediary.

Increased up-selling

Our client is extremely satisfied with their new Internet bank, as are their customers. The bank meets with its customers quickly and can meet all of their needs directly - online. The site is smart, flexible and user friendly. There is not even a need for FAQs.

The new digital bank allows Santander to sell even more auxiliary services. Today, the Internet bank accounts for 25 percent of all up-selling. Customers are also more active, logging in four times more often than previously. Eighty percent of customers also choose to activate their cards via the site instead of telephoning the bank’s administrator. In this way, Santander gain more time to communicate and meet with their customers.

Today, the Internet bank accounts for 25% of all up-selling. 80% of customers activate their own cards via the site.

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