The challenge

The Swedish Bankers’ Association represents Swedish banks and creates the right conditions for them to offer attractive, competitive financial products and services. A major challenge is following up on security within the joint financial infrastructure of the thirteen member banks, as they have a wide range of infrastructure suppliers.

The solution

In order to give the Swedish Bankers’ Association control over its own security status, we created a service that regularly delivers tailored reports and presentations, revealing the current security status. The service is based on a tool where all infrastructure suppliers report their own security levels – their so-called compliance. In order to clarify the expectations on the suppliers, we also maintain a set of descriptive regulations. 

In addition to the delivered service, Knowit also assists in monitoring services and providing support regarding security to both member banks and their suppliers.

The results

Now, the Swedish Bankers’ Association can focus on general requirements, objectives and strategies, rather than spending time discussing security-related details with individual subcontractors. 

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