Knowit chooses Mambu’s cloud-based banking platform to meet the bank customers of tomorrow

Published 09 Nov 2021 Colleagues talking in co-working space

Dploy from Knowit and the fintech company Mambu are initiating a collaboration regarding a SaaS platform, to offer a complete range of banking and finance services for traditional finance institutes and digital challengers in the Nordic region.

“Our collaboration with Mambu means that banks can now explore the effect and potential of cloud technology and continuously make improvements that can help them remain competitive and prepared for a market and user experiences that are always changing,” says Rolf Kleppestø, CTO at Knowit Dploy.

Dploy is a user-friendly platform for automating processing of loan applications. By connecting the Dploy solution to Mambu’s SaaS bank service platform in the cloud, the customer is given an entirely new bank experience, tailored to their everyday life and needs. The client will also have the possibility to get both frontend and core solutions that are easy to configure, quick to implement, and secure.

“This collaboration comes at a time that is exciting for the banking sector, as flexibility is becoming a central aspect in the success of all banks. In collaboration with Knowit, Mambu can offer Dploy the technology that is needed to streamline the customer journey and improve the user experience,” says Bent Winkel, Mambu’s CEO for the Nordic region.

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for a digital transformation in the finance sector and the importance of delivering outstanding experiences to end users: a problem that this solution can contribute to solving.

The cloud-based platform offers finance institutes the possibility to both streamline and automate the customer journey and shorten the time to market for new products, without affecting the customer experience. Furthermore, it makes it easier than ever to deliver central banking services and integrate new services that benefit the end users.

About Dploy

With Knowit’s platform Dploy, companies that offer various kinds of financing can automate their credit processes, while the end customer perceives it as easier and faster to get financing.

About Mambu

Mambu is a SaaS bank service platform in the cloud that was introduced in 2011. Mambu has 700 employees supporting 200 clients in over 65 countries.

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