Makers of a sustainable future

We support customers in the digital transformation, simplify people’s everyday lives and create secure and innovative solutions enabling a sustainable future.

About us  Sustainability

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Lake in Finland

Boost your sustainable cloud

As a partner to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, we can help you choose the platform and cloud services that provide you with greater scalability, clear cost savings, and reduced emissions.

Fashion model for Marqet

Increase online sales

Start an e-commerce business or take your platform to the next level. We develop solutions that increase sales and ensure happy users, regardless of whether you are in B2B or B2C.

Shipping of containers

Find profitable solutions

Increase your efficiency and growth through better pricing, supply chain, and working capital optimization. We'll find solutions that make digitalization a natural part of your change journey.

Fundraiser to support the Ukrainan refugees

Colleagues, clients and partners, please help us support UNHCR's work in Ukraine. The fundraiser takes place during December and our goal is to reach EUR 50,000. 

For every Euro you donate, Knowit donates twice the amount, until the goal is reached. 

Knowit – Solution Partner of the year in Nordics

Knowit – Optimizely Solution Partner of the year in Nordics

Optimizely´s award motivation:

"With an impressive Optimizely customer base and the ability to always find new business, Knowit Experience has year after year delivered and this year is no exception. Knowit Experience has a huge network of certified developers and they were our first partner globally to reach the Optimizely Premier Platinum Partner level."

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