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Manage your daily life

Todej is a Digital tool where you can plan both recurring and single activities. When you create a new activity you can rate this activity as either rewarding or demanding. Todej will give you the possibility to plan based on your Energy level to create balance in your life.

Activities can be supplemented with checklists and tasks to create better structure. You can add images or movies to your activities as well. When it is time to do the activity you will get a reminder and you can check each of your tasks one by one to complete the activity. After you have done your Activity you can rate how it went to simplify next time you plan to do the activity.

How to buy Todej?

Todej is free to download and use from the Appstore and Google play.

In 2022, a web version of Todej will be launched, which means that your planning can be shared with any person with an account. Creating an account will be free for the first 2000 users.

More about Todej


More Energy with Todej

Everyday you open Todej you get the question: “How do you feel today?”. Some days your energy level is low and Todej will then assist you in only prioritizing your necessary activities.

Easy to separate activities

Each Activity belongs to a category, this makes it easy to separate household tasks from exercise or meeting family and friends. A balance between activities that are demanding versus rewarding will make your daily life easier.



My special contacts in one place

Your most important contacts can be placed in Todej, for instance your immediate family, your doctor or other people that are important to you.

Try Todej and manage your everyday life today. 

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