Complete delivery of financial products

Dploy provides support for all kinds of loans and leasing offered by financing companies and banks – both secured and unsecured credits.

The platform is used throughout the Nordic region, with adapted currencies, language files, date formats and other local settings made when the system is installed and implemented.

Automate credit assessment to improve quality and sales

Dploy enables complete automation of credit processes, both for internal users at banks and other finance companies. Collaborators, negotiators and agents can also get credit approvals in just a few seconds.

Using optimized scoring processes, Dploy can determine the correct way to manage a credit application based on the credit policy determined by the bank or finance company. The automated credit assessment process lowers costs while also improving the quality of the assessments.

A complete, user-friendly and internet-based platform for your finance company

The user interface can be adapted to the unique needs and business model of each customer. The platform includes both internal and external user interfaces and an API. There is also a standard interface that covers most of the needs that banks and finance companies have in process management.

Knowit offers a complete range of services like UX/CX, web development, app development and analysis, to provide support in every part of the process, such as credit application, documentation, status updates and purchase confirmations.

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