How do you secure your service integrity and availability? Threat activity and DDoS attack volumes are on the rise. Mitigating threats to the availability and integrity of your service require expertise and proper tools. We can manage your AWS Web Application Firewall and AWS Shield Advanced to protect your service integrity and availability.

Business reputation and continuity may hinge on the availability of your service. DDoS attacks can render a service unavailable or to perform poorly for days or even weeks. Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report identified DDoS and Web Application attacks among the leading threat patterns. Kapersky Securelist has highlighted the rise in both the duration and volume of DDoS attacks. There is some evidence that the attack of the Dyn DNS provider, in October 2016, resulted in an 8% loss of business.

Protect your workloads in the AWS Cloud

AWS provides several tools to protect your workloads, applications and services running on AWS. The most relevant services for this topic are AWS Web Application Firewall and AWS Shield Advanced. The additional benefits from using AWS native protective services is the ease of integration to solutions built on AWS and the vast capacity AWS has to absorb a DDoS attack of virtually any size. Finally, AWS provides access to a 24/7 Shield Response Team and an insurance against runaway capacity costs in the event of a DDoS attack. 

Mitigate threats and react fast with a managed solution

Several elements need to come together to effectively mitigate against today’s threats. Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a cornerstone of your threat mitigation. A WAF will filter and block HTTP traffic to your web application. However, any WAF without proper, customised and managed rule sets is virtually worthless. Effective DDoS mitigation requires a managed protection service with customised rules on all levels, as well as sufficient buffer to absorb the attack. You will need to stay alert 24/7 and be ready to take additional action at any time when there is an attack. Finally, you can't overly emphasize the importance of the right expertise. You need to have the skills to use the right tools to gain maximum benefit against the attack.

We can mitigate threats against your services with a Passionate Support for AWS Edge Security -service. The service builds your security posture with AWS tools, ensures rules and configurations are always up to date, monitors your services’ availability and responds in lockstep with AWS in the event of an attack. Keep focusing on your own customers and have Knowit focus on mitigating threats against your services.

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