Your 24/7 cloud operations center

Focus on making sure that you reach your business targets - we can take care of the operation of your workloads. We operate seamlessly with infrastructure, applications as well as content delivery and ensure that they are maintained and monitored properly. We rely on automation and modern machine learning to provide you the best possible posture to understand when things are working correctly and when they are not.

We are always improving our services as well as your implementation. We are there for you – 24/7.

Reliable service from certified cloud professionals

Our local cloud team is the strongest and most responsive 24/7 team in the Nordic region. We offer the strongest technical and operational skills and unrivalled experience in the cloud services and technologies, DevOps operational model, and digital transformation. We take pride in solving issues on the first touch and faster than promised in a Service-level agreement (SLA).

Enterprise level support that grows with you 

Passionate Support is flexible and grows with your needs. You can choose to upgrade to a higher service level when your application becomes more business critical. We are passionate about keeping your services up and running—so that you can stay passionate about serving and delighting your customers. 

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Christer Olsson
Head of Cloud
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