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We help you succeed with your digital transformation by maximizing the benefits of the cloud services that your operations needs.

With our team of experts in cloud strategy, we can provide support and give advice to both boards, management teams, and IT managers in your current and future challenges. We offer everything from workshops and advice on organizational, legal, and technical aspects, to drafting a full cloud strategy.

Together with you, we will ensure that your organization gains the competitive advantages of the cloud, such as lowered costs, and increased flexibility, efficiency, and innovativeness.

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Take the first step to the cloud

Strategic considerations may vary from a complete cloud transformation to minor re-hosting decisions. As with any strategic change, your concerns may vary between whether the final impact is effective or not and how the risk, time and cost – triangle materialises.

Irrespective of the scope, you will need to consider technology, processes and organisation in your cloud initiatives. In all these cases, it may make sense to get expert help in charting the options and devising an optimal route for the organisation.


We help with your cloud strategy and advise with best practices

Decision making can be difficult when experiencing uncertainty. We deliver new information and knowledge to chart your options. Our advice and strategy consultation will reduce uncertainties and make it easier for you to make  critical business decisions.

We are also a sounding board for the legal and security-related matters that arise as a result of how cloud services are built and function.

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Your strategy for cloud services

Develop your cloud strategy with a focus on cloud servised and the right architecture and design. Based on your needs, we help you assess which serices and applications are suitable for the cloud, regardless wheather its new services or determining if your existing services are suitable for moving to the cloud.

Our certified cloud architects will help you determine the best possible design and our software achitects will design your applications for optimized operations in the cloud. We can also help to set up the frameworks for your processes and routines regarding administration of infrastructure and cloud applications. 

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Analyze your cloud services

Request a detailed snapshot of how your IT Environment is exposed through cloud-based services and which security aspects you should take into account. The written report also provides you with recommendations on how you can take control of your cloud usage.

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