Delivering seamless hybrid cloud capabilities

VMware Cloud on AWS makes it seamless for your business and organisation to bring VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)-based workloads to the AWS Cloud, delivered as an on-demand service.

Acting as your VMware partner, we help you use VMware’s compute, storage, and network virtualisation solutions directly on AWS — without giving up any of the functionality, elasticity, or security requirements. Adopting VMware cloud service will allow your organisation to preserve your investments in existing applications, licenses, and processes. Plus, you can take advantage of all the advanced capabilities that AWS has to offer.

VMware Cloud on AWS provides enterprise class application performance, reliability, availability and security for your business-critical applications.

Use VMware Cloud on AWS efficiently & flexibly

The easiest way to get started with VMware cloud on AWS is with a small pilot project. You can then extend into full production with our Passionate Support for VMware Cloud on AWS solution.

Passionate Support includes local AWS and VMware experts, a 24/7 Nordic Managed Operations Center and cloud operations competence as a single packaged solution.

Common VMware on AWS use cases 

You can use VMware Cloud on AWS on an hourly or on-demand basis, or through a yearly subscription model. With us as your AWS and VMware MSP partner, you’ll get instant business value from the AWS and VMware hybrid cloud experience.

  • Accelerate cloud migration
  • Extend your data center to the cloud
  • Increase cloud adoption in your organisation
  • Integrate AWS native services into your infrastructure
  • Modernise your applications
  • Move production applications
  • Disaster recovery as a service

Key benefits on VMware on AWS

  1. Increased Innovation
  2. Simplified operations
  3. Reduced costs
  4. Enhanced availability
  5. Leveraging existing VMware investments
  6. Achieve operational consistency
  7. Integrated with AWS native services
  8. Deploy hybric cloud without complexity

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Get started easily by trying out 30 days VMware Cloud on AWS pilot project.

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