Continuous improvement

Are you looking for a partner to guarantee that your cloud services are continuously adapted to the business needs of your operations and the changes in your surroundings? If so, you can rely on us. We can offer continuous improvements of applications and systems on multiple levels.

The first step is a review of your platform and solutions, with recommendations on changes to optimize the application, from both a cost perspective and as regards functionality. The next step could be to implement test-driven monitoring. Tests are created for use in application-based monitoring based on actual user experiences.

In the final step, the application can be adapted for a full DevOps undertaking with automated testing, continuous development, continuous deployment, and monitoring. DevOps are managed in accordance with Knowit's established CI/CD (DevOps) model.

Build and run scalable applications

Our Cloud Native approach enables, supports, and accelerates your efforts to fully benefit from the cloud via the development of your new applications.

We deliver concrete cultural training and transformation, tooling to support development pipelines and, if necessary, skilled developers to assist you.

We design, develop, manage, and secure your cloud platform to help you launch new products and services faster. Our specialists deliver automation to your cloud infrastructure, allowing your R&D operations to launch new technical environments in minutes. We can also integrate your cloud accounts to existing internal network and systems architecture if needed.

Our automation cloud templates ensure the environments are identical, secured and optimised to your needs based on best practices. Automating the product development cycle improves the quality of operations, prevents human error, reduces costs, and allows you to quickly react to changing market conditions.

We deliver a whole development team of cloud experts

With over 20+ years of experience, and over 70 development teams ongoing, we know cloud platforms inside and out. We have the capacity to deliver a whole development team using cloud as a platform to develop and manage your applications. Benefit from our deep knowledge of automated testing, continuous integration, and delivery solutions. Our specialists also design and implement operational metrics that give you a clear view of your infrastructure’s performance. 

Why should you work with Knowit?

Strategic partners

We’ll share our insights and experience with you to help you become more competitive and innovative. Plus, your employees will become more motivated by working in a high-performance development team.

Secure your cloud environment 

By sharing the responsibility for your cloud development, you lower your risk of data breaches and cyber attacks. We develop secure and sustainable cloud systems, and can further develop your already secure systems for safer operations.

Local & agile teams 

Our development method is based on agility and transparency. By partnering with us for cloud development, you’ll increase your productivity and maintain continuity in your existing teams. Our local cloud experts are available 24/7, and always here to help you.

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