Boost your sustainable cloud journey with us

From advising your teams to setting up your cloud infrastructure and developing state-of-the art applications, Knowit is the agile cloud partner to help you on your way. 

Cloud strategy

With our experts in cloud strategy, we can provide support and give advice to boards, management teams, and IT managers in your challenges. We offer everything from workshops and advice on organizational, legal, and technical aspects, to drafting a full cloud strategy.

Cloud core

Our cloud core team ensures that you have a secure, compliant, optimal and well operational base on which to build your environments. We deliver a well-defined and scalable cloud envirionment built on best practise and experience from many implementations.

Cloud migration

Get the benefits of increased productivity and cost savings with a customized cloud migration solution. We build on the strategy that is best for your organization, as we implement a seamless and secure cloud migration that is agile, cost-effective and impactful to your operation.

Cloud development teams

Ready to roll out new services to your end-users? Are you aiming to reduce your time to market and scale fast?

Then boost your cloud development with our cloud teams.

Cloud support

We will make sure that your cloud environment works all day, every day, year round – offering full operations and support 24/7. We secure and run your cloud operations so that you can focus on what you do best – your business.

Cloud partners

We have strategic partnerhips with Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft. This means we have deep expertise in the solutions and can choose the cloud services that best suit your organization.

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