Step 1: Requirements analysis

The cloud strategy is an important part of the larger IT strategy and also describes how cloud services can be managed from a needs and requirements perspective. We can help you map and analyze both your needs and your requirements, as well as reviewing that they are in line with the legislation in force.

Step 2: Questions

There are many questions that must be answered when creating a cloud strategy. These are some of the questions that we will be reviewing with you during the course of the work:

  • Where and when will the organization be using cloud services?
  • Which cloud services and cloud suppliers will be used?
  • What is a suitable roadmap for implementation of the cloud strategy?
  • Which risks are there with using cloud services and how can we minimize them?
  • Which legal aspects need to be taken into account and how are they dealt with?
  • Do you have the right competence and organization for a transformation to the cloud?
  • Which processes and routines need to be in place to manage the transformation to the cloud?
  • Which effects do you want to achieve with a transformation to the cloud?
  • Which costs will you get and what will be the difference compared with current costs?

Step 3: Recommended strategy

Based on the requirements analysis, we will make an individual assessment and present a proposal on how your cloud strategy could be designed or optimized. This can include anything from identifying which of your own services should remain to giving suggestions on which cloud services should be added in order to satisfy your needs.

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