Step 1: Analysis

We review which sanctioned and non-sanctioned cloud services are used within your organization.

Based on the cloud services identified, we analyze which cloud suppliers you are dependent on and how the disappearance of a cloud service would affect you. We also identify the regulations that are relevant to your organization.

The analysis covers the following areas:

  • Which services do our data end up in? Are we in observance of regulations and legislation?
  • Which risks are there connected to the different cloud suppliers?
  • Do we currently use cloud services efficiently and in a controlled manner?
  • Do we still own the information?

Step 2: Written report

The results of the analysis are compiled in a report that we present to you and your coworkers. During the presentation, we also provide recommendations on actions related to some of the cloud services we have identified.

The report contains, among other things, the following:

  • An overview of your usage of cloud services
  • Identification of high-risk services
  • Exposure levels to legal and business-related risks
  • Recommendations on actions to take control of your cloud usage
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