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Sourcing Management is Knowit’s range of services for the most common areas of any sourcing deal. Whether dealing with in, out or multisourcing, complex IT operations with a touch of cloud, or pure resource supply with the assistance of a consultancy broker, our model can be utilised step by step or in selected areas depending on where in the process your organisation finds itself.

Our services are based on many years of experience of working in both the private and public sectors, as well as our observations of the industry as a whole. We keep up to date with trends and understand how to meet the challenges our customers are confronted with as a result. At Knowit, we know the various elements of a procurement process – spanning from concept and initiative to concluded agreement, throughout the agreement period until termination – and our strategy is the common thread running through the entire deal.

Strategy for sourcing

In our model, the strategy provides guidance at every stage. A secure sourcing strategy is the core component of a successful sourcing deal. It includes goals and visions, expectations for future suppliers, negotiation and procurement forms, etc. It must point the way for both the company and the future supplier. Strategy work covers key questions such as why? (purpose), where? (goal), what? (which technology) and how? (which processes).

A successful strategy creates value through transparent, achievable goals that make efficient implementation possible. 

How Knowit can help you

Through our model, we can step in at any point during a negotiation, procurement process or contract period to offer advice or packaged services and solutions. Our consultants have experience and expertise in:

  • Preparing your sourcing strategy
  • Situation analysis through benchmarking and inventory of the existing environment.
  • Setting requirements, negotiating and providing contractual expertise during procurement, negotiations or disputes.
  • Support or project management for the complex projects that often result from new agreements.
  • During the agreement period, we can support you with Contract Management, as well as support for your supplier team, buyers and IT management.


Our aim is to help you purchase IT as a service! We want to create increased value and effect from your digitalisation and cloud strategy. We want to help you to avoid the classic pitfalls and traps inherent in traditional contracts. Are you faced with outsourcing services? Please allow us to assist you.

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