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Do more with less

Change is happening all the time at a faster and faster pace. The government thinks that the pace of change in public service digitization needs to speed up, emphasizing the user experience and taking a result-based approach.

We can help you meet these challenges with modern system development methods, a focus on the user experience, detailed expertise in self-service solutions, monitoring, support and performance calculations, payment and registration systems, portals and infrastructure, long-term responsibility and continuous skill development.

With detailed expertise, years of experience, understanding and innovation we help national and local governments deliver better services to citizens and organizations.

An innovative reference project with an overarching objective – openness

Knowit works closely with two of Norway’s largest public sector organizations to create an effective, reliable and open administration. It is a joint project involving the city of Oslo and Difi, the Norwegian government agency and e-administration. They combined forces to create a single source of information for the whole of the Norwegian public sector. Both parties are keen to give the general public greater access to the work they do. The project allows citizens to see public e-mails and political issues.

Significant efficiency gains will be made possible by automating work that used to be done manually. The many benefits will be enjoyed by users, citizens, the media, politicians, organizations/associations and the economy in general. The project adds value and is genuinely inclusive.

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