Ambition in digitization

All companies are undergoing digitization or some form of digital transformation right now. What is your company’s ambition? Are you aiming for digital transformation or is your strategy only about digitization? The difference between the two is about transformation.

Full-scale digital transformation involves all elements in the company, from the operating model to the infrastructure. Some fundamental questions need to be answered. What are we selling? Who are we selling to? What is the best way to reach the market?

If the goal is digitization alone, the focus is on optimizing existing services, products and processes using digital technology and the right expertise.

What are your technical platforms today? Technical transformation lays the base for digitizing your business.

We can help you divide the transformation into manageable chunks.

At Knowit we have developed a model describing how to initiate and run a change process. We focus on the core competencies needed in order to embrace digitization or digital transformation. 

Companies of the future

Digital transformation does not mean “digitize or die.” But you do need to decide how quickly the transformation should happen, depending on the sector, the competition, customers and your own organization’s capacity for change. Companies of the future will not just be digital, but will also innovative beyond customer expectations, be globally integrated and be willing to change their business model if necessary. It will become harder for companies to differentiate themselves on the basis of products and service features alone.

Advice from Knowit

  1. Digital transformation must come from the top.
  2. The corporate culture is crucial and is often the key to the transformation.
  3. Understand the full commercial value of your digital channels – and exploit them.
  4. Define clear KPIs and ambitious targets that are shared across the organization.
  5. Your digital strategy and your corporate strategy are two sides of the same coin.
  6. Find out as much as you can about your customers and partners.
  7. Recruit talented digital experts and establish clear roles and responsibilities.
  8. Understand the digital landscape.
  9. Technology is a prerequisite for future (digital) success and not just an extra cost.
  10. Digital transformation = agile transformation.
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Karsten Adelmark
Head of Digital Transformation
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