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Calculate your climate impact precisely

Do you want to quickly and easily understand the total climate impact of your organization? We can tailor an analytical platform for a simpler climate impact assessment, where you can follow your climate impact in a dashboard.

The analytical platform is based on a database where all your sustainability data are stored, and your climate impact is calculated based on the data gathered there. Through user-friendly reports and visualizations, you can understand the results and identify the actions that can help your operation decrease emissions.

This work method provides unequalled transparency regarding data and references. Reports can be communicated internally, in marketing, or to investors.

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Analyze and visualize your sustainability efforts

We can help you your organization analyze and visualize your climate and environment impact, for instance:

  • Sustainability reporting
  • Figures for marketing
  • Climate data in Scope 1, 2 & 3

We can also compile a climate report in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. If you operate a manufacturing company, we can help you estimate the climate impact throughout your product's entire lifecycle, i.e., a lifecycle analysis (LCA).

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Automate your sustainability reporting

Have you gotten tired of repetitive and time-consuming data collection for your sustainability and climate reporting? Let us automate your data collection and help you streamline the process and raise the quality of your data.

Primarily, we start from the current financial infrastructure of your operations (e.g., account chart, business or purchasing systems) and gather as much data as we can from there. Secondarily, we gather and analyze data from surveys in a standardized manner.

Is it your first climate report? Contact us for a climate consultancy session, free of charge, and we will tell you more about how automated data collection can help you.

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Simulation of sustainability measures

Do you need a hands-on roadmap to realize your sustainability targets? Through automatic data collection, analytics, and visualization, you get the basis for decision simulation, taking your business controlling to a new level. By simulating sustainability measures before decisions are made, in a range of future scenarios, you can choose the right priorities, minimize risks, and identify the most cost-effective route to your sustainability targets.

Do you need to identify the sustainability matters that are most important to you and your stakeholders. We can help you perform a materiality analysis in relation to various stakeholders, to streamline and prioritize your efforts. Since we work in a data-driven manner, you can follow your progress, both in detail and at an aggregate level.

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