With Managed Cloud Services, you have the opportunity to focus on your business while we take responsibility for ensuring that your system is up, running and available. Our dedicated specialists ensure that your specific environment is managed in a secure and efficient manner. Deliveries are never locked into long-term contracts – the quality of our services alone ensures that our customers remain with us. Naturally, we would be delighted to assist in the transformation to cloud solutions. Learn more under Digital Transformation.

Angelique and Ola discuss the Cloud

Optimise your cloud with the right organisation

The cloud is often viewed as a technical issue but those who fail to tailor their organisation to the cloud, miss out on its greatest benefits. Read the entire interview with Ola Ehrstedt, CEO of Knowit ICE.

Technology is only the beginning for a cloud consultant

The roll of the consultant is becoming increasingly that of the educator and business developer, in order to demonstrate the opportunities that the cloud offers an organisation. Read the entire interview with Angelique Dawnbringer, Cloud Solutions Architect, Knowit ICE.

Amazon Web Services

Knowit nominated by Amazon Web Services

Knowit have been nominated in Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) new Public Sector Partner Program in the government services category. The AWS Public Sector Partner Program promotes companies offering strong services within AWS as a whole, and showcases their experience and readiness to support the public sector, educational institutions and non-profit organisations.

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We can give you a new way of looking at things

We have come across many different environments and challenges, and you can benefit from our experience by including us in your management processes. We could help by confirming that a technology has been correctly applied, or simply by alerting you to a different way of doing things. It is not always easy for an organization to keep up with the latest technology and knowledge, so our specialists can make a big difference. Are you leading the field or falling behind? 

Knowit Managed Cloud Service

Having stable cloud service management is vital, offering as it does rapid access to server and application power as soon as the need arises. We currently enjoy two strong partnerships.

Our partners

AWS Partner

Reseller av Amazon Web Serivces (AWS)

We are both an Advanced Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller Partner. We resell Amazon’s complete range so, even if you don’t choose us as your Managed Partner, we can supply you with AWS.

Public partner 2017

We are a major supplier to the public sector and are especially proud of being named Public Partner

Microsoft Gold partner, Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Reseller of the complete Microsoft Cloud Suite, Azure, Office365, Skype, Intune, SharePoint, etc.

We are a partner in many areas:

  • Application Development – Gold
  • Collaboration and Content – Gold
  • Cloud Platform– Silver
  • Data Analytics – Silver
  • Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions – Silver

Our working model

Our model is based on your use – that is, an elastic operation. We set up your environment, harden, optimise and alarm according to your specific requirements. Out motto is to automate as much as possible to ensure the speed and security of your environment. Irrespective of whether or not you require Microsoft services or AWS, our operation will form the basis for these environments. 

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Cloud services

We have a close relationship with all areas within Knowit, meaning that we can adapt the services we host in our Managed Cloud Service based on each assignment. Monitoring often crosses applications and therefore developer expertise is assured even in administration. Support are better able to reach the right person directly to manage incidents, as the team often consists of a mixture of traditional operative experience and deeper experience in development.

Our services that Knowit develop and manage are administered by our DevOps team. Please contact us and we will be delighted to help whatever your current situation; in transformation, optimization or second wave Cloud application!

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