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Knowledge of your company is a key ingredient in success and a major driver of day-to-day activities. If you are at a crossroads, you need to know the direction to take and the targets you should set.

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Lisa Lind
CEO Knowit Decision
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Performance management

Finance functions are changing fast. They used to be passive and based on historical data, but now they are more dynamic and process-oriented and focused on active business development. You can use financial analyses to reveal the underlying context and generate tools that actively support your business.

Supply chain intelligence

The current business climate, characterized by globalization, outsourcing and increased requirements, is a challenge that many are unable to meet. The supply chain is under constant pressure to become more efficient and more cost-effective. Every link in the supply chain generates data which in turn can be used to streamline the process to match the company’s strategies and core competencies.

Customer intelligence

Marketing is more demanding than ever before. Companies usually hold data about customers’ needs, preferences and behavior. We can make use of this data to turn marketing into an exact science, enabling us to optimize the points of contact in sales, service and delivery. That means you can optimize your marketing budget for maximum impact.

Risk intelligence

We hear reports about failed risk management from around the world on an almost daily basis. Major banks failing because of excessive risk taking, multinationals harming the environment after cutting costs in the wrong place. In future it will be possible to quantify and put a price on risks, giving risk management an operational perspective rather than today’s defensive stance.

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