Sourcing Strategy

Having a sourcing strategy is your best tactic. With the right strategy, you can achieve cost control, lower costs and higher quality. What matters most to you? What can you do to develop and strengthen your operations? And what characterizes your perfect supplier?

These questions are all examples of what a good sourcing strategy will help you understand.

As an independent strategic specialist, Knowit Insight can help you with procurements, negotiations and developing and executing agreements for your operations. Our competence encompasses the entire process, from analysis, strategy and decision-making through execution and all the way to follow-up.

Public procurements

Knowit Insight has several consulting experts in the field of public procurement. We have a record number of procurements (in accordance with the Swedish Public Procurement Act), where we have taken part in execution and generated operational benefits.

We have carried out procurements within all types of procurement proceduress, from competitive dialogues to direct awards, as well as awarding contracts based on framework agreements.

When we perform a procurement, we always adhere to our internal processes, taking responsibility for each step along the way. We have tried and tested templates and models, helping you to achieve your business objectives.

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Maria Wäppling
Manager of services in Sourcing Management
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